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10 Homemade Baby Toys: A DIY Guide for Parents

Babies are bundles of curiosity and wonder, eager to explore the world around them. As parents, caregivers, or friends, we can nurture their curiosity and provide them with engaging toys that stimulate their senses and aid in their development. Homemade toys are a wonderful and cost-effective way to accomplish this. In this post, we will explore 10 easy-to-make homemade toys that can captivate and educate small babies.

Homemade Baby Toys

1. Sensory Bottles

Materials Needed: Clear plastic bottles, water, small objects like buttons or beads

Sensory bottles are a fantastic way to introduce babies to different shapes, colors, and the concept of cause and effect. Fill a clear plastic bottle with water and add small, colorful objects like buttons, glitter, or beads. Secure the cap tightly, and watch as babies enjoy the fascinating display of objects swirling within the bottle. The gentle sound of the materials moving can also be soothing.

2. Soft Fabric Blocks

Materials Needed: Soft fabric squares, needle and thread or fabric glue

Soft fabric blocks are perfect for small hands to grasp and explore. Create these blocks by sewing or gluing together soft, colorful fabric squares. Babies can enjoy the tactile experience of touching different textures and even try to stack the blocks.

3. Rattle Socks

Materials Needed: Clean socks, small rattles or jingle bells

Rattle socks are a simple yet effective homemade toy. Place a small rattle or jingle bell inside a clean sock, tie a knot at the open end, and let the baby shake away. The delightful sound and the movement of the rattle will surely capture their attention.

4. Sock Puppets

Materials Needed: Clean socks, markers, buttons, yarn, and fabric scraps

Sock puppets are a timeless and charming way to entertain babies. All you need are a few pairs of clean socks and some craft supplies. Use markers to draw faces on the socks, add buttons for eyes, and yarn for hair. You can even cut out fabric scraps to make outfits for the puppets. These delightful characters can engage a baby's imagination and provide hours of fun and laughter.

5. Homemade Baby Mobile

Materials Needed: Wooden dowel or hanger, lightweight objects, strings

A homemade baby mobile can offer visual stimulation and captivate your baby's attention. Hang lightweight objects such as soft toys, colored shapes, or cut-out pictures from a wooden dowel or a hanger using strings. Hang the mobile above the crib or playpen for hours of entertainment.

6. Sensory Bags

Materials Needed: Sealable plastic bags, water, baby oil, small objects like beads or toys

Sensory bags are a sensory delight for babies. Fill a sealable plastic bag with a mixture of water and baby oil, add small, colorful objects like beads or tiny toys, and seal it tightly to prevent leaks. Babies can squish and move the objects around inside, creating a fascinating tactile experience.

7. Soft Cloth Book

Materials Needed: Fabric, needle and thread or fabric glue

A soft cloth book provides a wonderful way to introduce babies to colors, shapes, and textures. Craft a simple fabric book with colorful pages, and sew or glue different textures and shapes onto the pages. Babies can explore the tactile sensations and enjoy the visual appeal of the book.

8. Tissue Box with Fabric Scraps

Materials Needed: Empty tissue box, colorful fabric scraps

A tissue box filled with colorful fabric scraps is an easy-to-make toy that promotes fine motor skills. Simply place various fabric scraps in an empty tissue box, and watch as babies pull the fabric out one by one, experiencing different textures and colors as they do.

9. DIY Shaker Instruments

Materials Needed: Small plastic containers, dried rice, beans, pasta, tape

DIY shaker instruments offer both visual and auditory stimulation. Fill small, empty plastic containers with dried rice, beans, or pasta, and securely seal them with tape. Babies can grasp these shakers and enjoy the sound they make when shaken.

10. Felt Shapes and Board

Materials Needed: Felt, Velcro

Felt shapes and boards are a versatile homemade toy that encourages creativity and fine motor skills. Cut out large, colorful felt shapes and attach one side of Velcro to the shapes and the other side to a felt board. Babies can stick and unstick the shapes on the board, creating their own designs.

When creating homemade toys for small babies, safety is paramount. Ensure that small parts are securely attached to prevent choking hazards, and always supervise babies during playtime to ensure their well-being. These homemade toys are not only fun but also offer valuable opportunities for learning and sensory exploration, making them an excellent addition to your baby's playtime activities.

By making these simple and engaging toys, you can provide your little one with hours of entertainment and facilitate their growth and development in the process. Enjoy crafting and playing with your baby!


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